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When her slimy boyfriend Danny (Peter Brown, PIRANHA PIRANHA) uses his unsuspecting girlfriend Elizabeth (Tracy Bregman, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, FUNNY FARM) to carry a stash of cocaine in her skis, she is nabbed by airport security. After a speedy trial, she is sent to the Correctional Institution for Women in California. There she learns quickly that she must toughen up if she hopes to leave there in one piece. She also eventually finds that the warden (Jill St John, DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, THE OSCAR) is not only cruel and unsympathetic, but in cahoots with an inmate Cat (Barbara Luna, CHE) the prison's Queen Bee, who is her partner in a prison drug and prostitution racket. When Elizabeth witnesses a murder committed by Cat and her henchwomen, she spurns her attentions and becomes her enemy. Now see this woman in prison classic, fianlly out, from a brand new HD master

Brand new 2016 2k scan of the original interpositive

on camera interview with star Tracey Bregman, Sondra Currie, Robert Miano and director Tom DiSimomne