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DANDY (lost exploitation film!)

Image of DANDY (lost exploitation film!)


Dandy (Cynthia Denny) is a free loving 18 year old girl who has no place to go. Unhappy with her parents and bored with her life, Dandy decides to leave for the big city to try to make it in the rough life in California. Dandy stays with her boyfriend (played by David Roya, who played the bad guy Bernard in BILLY JACK), but that arrangement takes an evil stiff turn as she catches him hiding the salami with another gal. Dandy then tries out modeling in skin magazines only to be lured into prostitution and getting assaulted by a fetish-obsessed client. Dandy meets an older guy (John Alderman, ZEBRA FORCE) and falls in love, but later runs off with a weird swinging couple. She is abused, used and desired by the fast living men she meets in a wild orgy that moves from the luxuries of their bedrooms to the nude cavorting in their Olympic-sized pools. Strange, wild life a chick can have in 1970! Co-starring Frank Cuva (PSYCHO LOVER). Take a walk on the wild side with DANDY; it’s one dandy of a movie!

1.78:1 (16x9) 82min

(probably R rated in today's standard)

(C) 1970 Dynacom Production, under license by Films Around the World

81 min