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DEVIL TIMES FIVE BLU (limited edition)

Image of DEVIL TIMES FIVE BLU (limited edition)


Five children crawl from the wreckage of a deadly van accident in a snowy canyon. The juvenile survivors (including teen heartthrob Leif Garrett) seek shelter at a secluded mountaintop winter home occupied by a rich businessman (Gene Evans) and his friends (including Sorrell Booke, Boss Hogg from TV's Dukes Of Hazzard and Shelly Morrison of Will & Grace). Soon, strange mishaps occur and the group is stranded without electricity and telephones. One by one, the adults begin to fell prey to a series of shocking and violent deaths! By the time the few surviving adults suspect the demented delinquents it may be too late! Called "one of the best entries in the killer kiddie horror sub genre" by Screem Magazine, Code Red proudly presents this cult classic on HD!

+Brand New 2k scan of the original camera negatives

+ audio commentary with Mickey Blowitz, Joan McCall, Dawn Lynn and David Sheldon

+featurette with Blowitz, Sheldon, McCall, Lynn and Tierre Turner