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DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE BluRay (limited 1000 pressed)

Image of DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE BluRay (limited 1000 pressed)


A Vietnam veteran/photographer (Nicholas Worth) terrorizes Los Angeles by going around strangling young women in their homes while taunting psychologist (Flo Garrish) by calling her radio call-in show under the alias of Ramon to describe his misogynistic ways. Meanwhile, two police detectives (James Westmoreland, Ben Franks) are close behind the psycho hoping he'll slip up and make a mistake. Now see it in widescreen from a brand new HD master

Special Features

Brand New 16x9 anamorphic (1:78) widescreen HD master from the original Negatives

audio interview with star James Westmoreland,

on camera interview with star Nicholas Worth

Original trailer