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A trio of friends on a snowmobiling trip in the Canadian Rockies become lost after venturing up a trail during a snowstorm. They stumble upon a seemingly abandoned hotel lodge and decide to spend the night, unaware of the grave danger that they have put themselves in. Who, or what, is the Ghostkeeper, and will anyone survive the night? Shot in the rugged location of Lake Louise, Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, the film's stark, icy photography, low-key style, and slow-burn sense of dread all add up to a uniquely creepy experience in an old snowbound lodge. Poorly distributed on homevideo as a secondary title in the 1980's (the U.K. vhs distributor placed a demonic chicken (!) on the box art), the film has since garnered a large genre fanbase over the years and has been voted one of the most anticipated Canadian horror films for a DVD release. GHOSTKEEPER is finally unleashed on DVD to chill new and old audiences alike.

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