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ISLAND CLAWS BluRay (limited Edition 1200 press)

Image of ISLAND CLAWS BluRay (limited Edition 1200 press)


my brother got tired of selling at bigcartel so he gave me some copies to sell

Screen legends ROBERT LANSING (THE NEST, SCALPEL, EMPIRE OF THE ANTS) and BARRY NELSON (THE SHINING, AIRPORT) star in this horror thriller about technology’s most terrifying mutations, ISLAND CLAWS! The perpetual sun and cool breeze make a remote island a tropical paradise for vacationers. Marine biologists are
also on the island, using it as a base for their studies on global food
shortages. But something goes wrong in the lab and a chemical seeps into the ocean and causes the unthinkable to happen! A man eating creature, beyond all parameters of science and evolution emerges and terrorizes the island, hunting for human prey!
Written by Ricou Browning (CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON) and with special effects by Glenn Robinson (KING KONG 1976), see it from a brand new HD master!

Brand new HD Master (1:78)

Interview with Ricou Browning