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Maria's B-Movie Mayhem: Night Of The Demon

Image of Maria's B-Movie Mayhem: Night Of The Demon


Tonight's thriller is the 1980 horror gore classic Night of the Demon! A professor and his students go on a mountain field-trip to investigate rumors of a psychotic Bigfoot that's supposedly on a killing rampage! They had no idea the horrors they would encounter when those rumors turn out to be true. Bigfoot takes no prisoners! This cult classic has some of the goriest, Jaw-dropping, death scenes ever. Michael Cutt of TV's California Dreams stars.

this dvd received many loud complaint over Maria being on the front cover and it was not a double sided cover release. The original release was double sided and this is an evidence that complainer do not buy code red's dvds! To make them happy, the release has a new cover and not double sided.

Limit 2 copies per customer/