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RITUALS (limited amount)

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I briefly removed this listing due to error on shipping amount and people panic. I wrote down the names, lets see if they are going to buy it or just complaint it was never out. Geez For the love of god, BUY IF YOU WANT IT. Quit blaming on me or Obama just because you don't have money to buy it.

Adventure-seeker Mitzi (Lawrence Dane, Scanners, Happy Birthday To Me) invites fellow doctor (Award winning Hal Holbrook, Into The Wild, Capricorn One, The Fog) and three other physician friends to go on their annual camping trip in the middle of the unexplored Canadian mountains. The five of them thought that they were alone in the middle of nowhere on their ritual camping trip, but this time someone was watching them. A crazed psychopath wants to play a psychological game of survival with the five campers and it soon becomes a horrifying game of kill or be killed. Robin Gammell (Lipstick) co-stars. Special Make-up by Carl Fullerton (Friday The 13th Part 2 & 3). The film is presented completely Uncut and Uncensored from a vault element from the producer!

Audio commentary with star/producer Lawrence Dane moderated by Lee Christian
On camera interviews with stars Lawrence Dane and Robin Gammell
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