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Image of CANDLE FOR THE DEVIL BluRay Jude Geeson

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Laura Barkley (Judy Geeson, Berserk, To Sir With Love) travels to a sleepy Spanish town to visit her sister, who is staying at an inn run by two religious sisters. But when Laura arrives, she discovers that her sister has mysteriously disappeared. The two sisters, Marta and Veronica, tell Laura that her sister left suddenly, but no one saw her leave the village. Laura decides to stay at the inn whilst searching for her sister, but soon discovers that the self-righteous sisters cannot bear the nakedness and promiscuity of young English holiday-makers. One by one, these pleasure seekers begin to disappear. Meanwhile, the sisters evening meals begin to take on an unusual flavor... This deliciously deranged and atmospheric horror film, which was shot entirely on location in Spain, is finally available in the U.S., uncut for the very first time, from a brand new HD master.
Rated R

Brand New HD master, re-color corrected for optimum picture quality
On camera interview with Judy Geeson
Fun facts and trivia segment
Original Trailer