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CHEERLEADERS WILD WEEKEND BLU (limited 1000 edition)

Image of CHEERLEADERS WILD WEEKEND BLU (limited 1000 edition)

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One of the last of the classic 'Cheerleader' films not on DVD...until now! Mix a bus load of voluptuous teenage cheerleaders with an embittered ex-football stars turned kidnappers, add plenty of action, and passion, and you get a CHEERLEADER'S WILD WEEKEND! A group of comely curvaceous cheerleaders are kidnapped by a vengeful jock (Jason Williams, FLESH GORDON)and held for ransom in an isolated hideout. Plotting to escape, these shapely vixens, lead by the beautiful Debbie (Kristine DeBell, MEATBALL'S, ALICE IN WONDERLAND),use their hidden charms to entice their captors. Extras: Audio Commentaries and Interviews with the Stars.

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Audio commentary with the director, editor and stars Marilyn Joi and Jason Williams

On camera interview with stars Joi, Williams, Kristine DeBell and Leon Issac Kennedy

Original Trailer