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FAMILY HONOR (limited to 1000 edition)

Image of FAMILY HONOR (limited to 1000 edition)


IT'S JUSTICE....THEY KILLED YOUR FATHER! In this gritty New York cop drama, Joe Fortunato (Anthony Page, PRINCE OF THE CITY) is a rookie hard-nose policeman whose father was gunned down by the Mafia. His mother and uncle want to throw away his badge and take vengeance on the man who ordered his father's death. Arrogant Mafioso Carlo Regatti (played by James Reyes) and his goons now want Joe dead. But Joe has other plans as his Family Honor is now on the line. Co-starring rock star Leslie West (“Mississippi Queen” band MOUNTAIN), Toni Kalem, and an unforgettable performance by Vera Visconti. Directed by Clark Worswick. One of the most wanted BUCKETLIST TITLES in the CODE RED DVD library has arrived!