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GIRLY (aka MUMSY NANNY SONNY AND GIRLY) BluRay (limited 1000 press)

Image of GIRLY (aka MUMSY NANNY SONNY AND GIRLY) BluRay (limited 1000 press)


my brother got tired of selling at bigcartel so he gave me some copies to sell
Two-time Oscar-winning cinematographer Freddie Francis (Glory, The Elephant Man) steps into the director's chair to tell the bizarre tale of Girly a killer black comedy unlike any other! In a large mansion outside of London, an eccentric family lurks: Girly, a flirtatious schoolgirl with eyes of fire; Sonny, her mischievous brother; Nanny, the house's caretaker; and Mumsy, the family matriarch. This quite unusual family is far more dangerous than you can imagine! Any man who enters the house never comes out, as they are sucked into a blood-curdling game with children! The arrival of a new plaything (Michael Byant, The Ruling Class) sends the group into whirlwind, as he intends to survive by any means necessary!

Starring cult starlet Vanessa Howard in her best, most seductive performance, Girly is an unsung gem of British horror finally given its due on DVD. From the director who brought you Dr. Terror's House Of Horrors and Dracula Has Risen From The Grave, this delicious mix of dark comedy and brutal shocks it unlike anything you've ever seen! Are you prepared to play the game?

HD master from the original IP

interview with writer Brian Comport

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