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HOLLYWOOD BLVD Joe Dante Deluxe BluRay (limited 1500 edition)

Image of HOLLYWOOD BLVD Joe Dante Deluxe BluRay (limited 1500 edition)

$11.95 - On Sale

Shamelessly Loaded With Sex And Violence! Welcome to Miracle Pictures...where "If it's a good film, it's a miracle!" This hilarious tribute to the unsung heroes of low-budget filmmaking is an enduring tale of all would-be actresses seeking to make it in Hollywood as a young ditsy pretty blond arrives in Hollywood to try her luck as an actress. After some mishap, a shady agent finds her a job with a sleazy B-movie crew plagued by strange deadly accidents. Now restored in HD, scene to scene, from the original camera negatives!

Special Features
Brand New HD master from the original Negatives with over 25 hours of scene to scene color correction
Feature Length Commentary with Directors Joe Dante & Allan Arkush and Producer Jon Davison

Brand New on camera interviews with:
Joe Dante
Roger Corman
Allan Arkush and Jon Davison
Mary Woronov
Jeffrey Kramer
Miller Drake

Trailers from Hell with Jon Davison

Original Trailer