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MISSION KILL Robert Ginty BluRay (limited 1000 Edition)

Image of MISSION KILL Robert Ginty BluRay (limited 1000 Edition)

$11.95 - On Sale

Action super star Robert Ginty stars in this non-stop action fest! American demolition expert J.F. Cooper (Robert Ginty, The Exterminator, Programmed To Kill, Warrior Of The Lost World) is best friends with Harry (Cameron Mitchell, Low Blow, Killpoint, Enforcer From Death Row), who's smuggling arms to rebels in a
Latin American country and invites Cooper to tag along. When Harry is murdered by foreign mercenaries led by a brutal assassin-for-hire named Kennedy, Cooper seeks his revenge by murdering Kennedy, assuming his identity, and after reclaiming the stolen arms, joins the rebel freedom fighters in their war against the oppressive totalitarian government. Also starring Olivia D’Abo (Greed, Conan The Destroyer, Bolero), Merete Van Kamp (Princess Daisy), Henry Darrow (Losing It, Badge 373, High Chappell), Sandy Baron (Vamp), this action-packed '80s home video staple from director David Winters (Thrashin', The Last Horror Film) now comes to you in blistering HD!