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THE FOREST BLU (limited edition)

Image of THE FOREST BLU (limited edition)


Two couples plan a trip into the forest. But they didn't count on a killer on the loose with a taste for human flesh! Haunted by the ghosts of his children, the killer is eventually double-crossed as the ghosts of his children come to the aid of the campers in this unique entry into the killer-in-the-woods genre. From 70's exploitation director Don Jones (Lethal Pursuit, Schoolgirls In Chains), featuring cult star Gary Kent (Satan's Sadists, Thrill Killers), Stafford Morgan (Legend Of Bigfoot) and Corky Pigeon (TV'S Silver Spoons). Now see this slasher classic from a brand new 2k scan!

+ brand new 2016 HD scan

+ commentary with Don Jones and Gary Kent

+ commentary with Don jones and Stuart Asbjornsen

+ featurette