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THE RAIN KILLER Ray Sharkey Michael Chikris

Image of THE RAIN KILLER Ray Sharkey Michael Chikris

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Ray Sharkey (THE IDOLMAKER, WISEGUY) plays Detective Vince Capra of the LAPD whose job it is to discover the identity of a serial killer who has been murdering rich single ladies when the rain falls. He get's help from his partner (Michael Chikris THE COMMISH, THE SHIELD) and an all business FBI agent (David Beecroft) , but the case is tough, especially when all the clue's gets washed away. . There are several twisting turnabouts to this film that keep the viewer guessing who the killer is, and when they find out who the killer is, the next question is: Who will be the next victim? Also starring Maria Ford (NAKED OBSESSION, STRIPPED TO KILL 2), and shot by Academy Award winner Janusz Kaminski (SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, SCHINDLER'S LIST) now see it with a dazzling new HD transfer.
Brand New 16x9 HD master from the original InterPositive (1:78)
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